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Can you replicate previously sold pieces?

Depends. If the beads are available, then yes. A lot of the beads that I use are vintage and are rare finds.
Also, if I do replicate a necklace, there will be some variation from one to the next. I am not a machine, unfortunately.

Do you make custom necklaces?

If you back me into a corner, I might do it. Finding the time for custom work has become a bit more challenging.

I would need a couple of things: colors you like, length of necklace needed, other necklaces on the website that you like as examples and some time. It wouls take probably 4-6 weeks to do a custom necklace. It does cost a little bit more as well depending on what you are looking for.

If you don't feel like committing to a custom necklace, drop me a line to let me know which necklace I should consider re-visiting and I will see if it's possible. Hopefully the "wish list" function on the website will help enable this.

Do you wholesale?

I wholesale to physical stores, not so much to on-line stores.
Please contact me for additional information.
Stores have included:Cog and Pearl (Brooklyn, NY), Julep (Pittsburgh, PA), Nakastore (Ferndale, MI), Raye (Houston, TX) , Sodafine (Brooklyn, NY), Swallow (Los Angeles, CA) and Tierra (Ukiah, CA).

Where do you buy your beads?

The questions should be: "where don't you buy your beads?" I am a bead junkie. I need an intervention. I invest a lot of money into beads and look anywhere and everywhere for them. Bangkok has great beads!

Do you keep any necklaces for yourself?

I've kept necklace #171 for myself. After I made it, I didn't want it to leave me.
I'm holding on to necklace #421 for my daughter. I wore it at her baby shower.